| She/They | French | 18 y.o | Self-taught artist |

Terms Of Service

By commissioning me, you agree to respect the following conditions

I'll draw

-Anthro, Feral, Creatures
-Semi-realistic / Toony
-Gore / Nsfw

I'll not draw

-Sensitive or hateful topics
-A style thas is not mine

• You must be +16 | +18 for nsfw
• I only speak in English or French
• Don't be afraid to ask questions or disturbing me !
• I have the right to decline any commission request, without justifying myself
• Tell me if you don't want me to publicly post WIPs and/or the final result of the commission before a given date (in case of a birthday gift for example)
• Don't rush me, as commissions are not my main activity, be tolerant about delay
• Courteous and polite attitude are always welcome
• No reference or with a very low quality, can make the price increase
• Modifications after the sketch can be chargeable


• Paypal Only
• Payment is made after the validation of the sketch
•A full refund will not be possible, only partial; only if the art isn't finished

Finished Work
• I keep rights on my art, you're not allowed to use it for any commercial purpose
• Don't claim the art as your own/ as you've drawn it
• Don't alter my signature
• Keep in minde that your commission will be visible on my social networks
• You can ask to be anonyme
• You do what you want in a private setting (ex: wallpaper, share it on socials..) but please credit me
• I will send nothing by mail, only digital stuff can be commissioned (for the moment)

These TOS can evolve in the future !


Commissions are OPEN
Please, read my TOS before commissioning me




15€ Halfbody | 20€ Fullbody
+ Colors 5-10€ | +Complex light 5€ | no background

1 sticker 8€ | 6 stickers 45€ | 12 stickers 85€
+ 4€ per extra character


Price can vary a lot ( + like - ), dialogue is essential and don't hesitate to ask any questions! The prices listed here are only to help you get an idea of the budget needed.

| Base price 65€ (Front and Back) |

| Chibi 13€ | Head 10 € | Accessories/Details 7 € | NSFW 5€ | Half/Fullbody 25/35€ |


| Add Character: +75% of the price |
| Simple Background: +5€ to 10€ | Complex: +20€ to 40€ |
| complexity can make the price rise |
| Mecha, Weapons, Vehicles, Complex design, Gore... |

Sometimes i do adoptables and Ychs, to see it I invite you on my FurAffinity profile!

To do

3 Slots Open

Refsheet 75% sketch 0% line 0% color

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