🌿Hello there!I'm 20 years old, French Self-taught artist
My pronouns are She / They
I'm Currently a law student
I like movies, animals, sushis, art in general, anthro & monster stuff

🌱Terms Of Services🌱

By commissioning me, you certify that you have read all my TOS and you agree to respect the following conditions

I'll draw
Anthro, Feral, Creatures
Any species
Violence / Gore (Any type of gore)
NSFW (+18)
I'll not draw
With a style which is not mine
Hateful or discriminating topics

🌿 Before All
● You must be 16+ to commission me | 18+ for nsfw stuff
● I only speak in French or English
● I have the right to decline any commission request, without justifying myself
● As doing commissions isn't my main activity the time it can take me can vary a lot, don't rush me (between 1 week and 4 months)
● Failure to read the T.O.S followed by disrespect of it during the contract runs the risk of losing any right to reimbursement
● Courteous and polite attitude are always welcome
● What are you buying ? It's not only a drawing it's my time
🌿 Process
● (Optional) give me your e-mail as I can send you an image with a good quality
● Tell me if you don't want me to publicly post WIPs and/or the final result of the commission before a given date (in case of a gift for example)
● No reference or with a very low quality, can make the price increase
● Payment can be made in one time (at the beginning) or in two times; a half at the beginning then a second after the sketch
● Paypal only !
● Modifications can be chargeable, depends on the quantity and difficulty
● A full refund will not be possible and it depend on the stage of process done on the drawing
🌿 Finished Work
● I keep rights on my art, you're not allowed to use it for any commercial purpose
● Don't claim the art as you've done it yourself
● Don't alter my signature
● Keep it mind that your commission will be visible on my social networks
● You can ask to be anonyme
● You can do what you want with it in a private setting (ex: wallpaper, share it on socials..)
● I would be grateful if you credit me
● I will send nothing by mail, only digital stuff can be commissioned (for the moment)
These TOS can evolve in the futur


Commissions are OPEN
please, read my TOS before commissioning me




18€ Halfbody | 25€ Fullbody
no background and you have to pay before

1 sticker 8€ | 6 stickers 45€ | 12 stickers 85€
+4€ per extra character


| Base Price 60€ (Front and Back view) |
Head 10€ | Chibi 13€ | Accessories/Details 7€ | Half/fullbody 20/30€ |

Price can vary a lot, dialogue is essential, particulary for this type of commission, so don't hesitate to ask any question!

Add Character +75% of the price
Simple Background +5€ to +15€
Complex Background +20€ to +50€
What else can make the price rise?
Complexity; mecha, weapons, vehicles, complex design, gore, nsfw, complex outfits...
Sometimes i also do adoptables, Ychs and Raffles
To see it i invite you to follow me on medias (Twitter and FurAffinity are where i am the most active)